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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Did we really need another reason to sput our fury to fight hurricanes? The record was tied for number of hurricanes in a year. Or as they said in Mexico, huracanes.

There are lots of big issues that seem to be clouding America's vision. What we need to see is the big picture. Stop focusing on such trivial passtimes as "nominating supreme court justices," "prosecuting treason," "counting the dead in Iraq," and "giving oil companies even more power to gouge us." The press is not even writing about the War on Hurricanes. We won't get anything done against the threat if the president doesn't announce a War on Hurricanes soon. And then what will I write about?

Monday, October 10, 2005

It seems we might soon have an ally or two in the War Against Hurricanes. Guatemala and Mexico were rocked by Hurricane Stan. Lots of innocent people lost their lives. Mud slides might decimate archeologically valuable Mayan ruin sites.

There is good intelligence that shows that the hurricanes might have gained some materials from Madagascar. This material is used in the making of the weather storms of mass destruction.

40 feet of mud
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