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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work w/love and compassion:

Be clear direct and aware
Be focused and brave and fair
allow failure with grace
create a positive place
work hard, have fun and care


The heat of 10,000 suns flows
through the hair-thin stainless steel
into the damaged contorted crunchy tissues
-chi release- she says as she twists the steel
that is the pain I feel
as the worker bee white blood cells begin their march
pollinating the flowers, my muscles and tendons
images of fruition fill my mindstate
as buddhist bells ring through the disc changer

a perfect handcrack, slightly overhanging
strenuous handjams plug, no tension, tendons extension cords
widening into a chimney, pulling in like a car door
inside, a little break, but it widens and widens
knee on one side, foot levering on the other---imbalance
left foot pawing, un-catlike at a rough spot
i purchase just enough, time healing is money
to reach, reach the return of the perfect handcrack
brought back by the buddhist bells
still circling their chime through the haze of the heat
face down
steel in my back
maybe I'll get a tatoo